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How to prank somebody's foot.

I'm going to tell you how to prank someone's foot. First get a person to come and help you to get your prank on. Then get some small things so the person will slip on it. Then get a couple balls out and then roll them at the foot. Then call the person in and do a sound effect while you prank their foot.

Dropping ball prank

I'm going to tell you how to do a dropping ball prank. First, you're going to need a friend to help you set it up. Then, get out a ball and tie it a round the corner of the door. After that, you're going to need to tape the ball lightly and then get something long. Then, call somebody in the room and push it down.

Scaring prank

I'm going to tell you how to do a scary prank. First put on freaky music. Get out a remote controller car to hit the foot or something that can roll. Then get a sword or something that can hit. Turn off the lights. Call the person you are going to prank and tell them you need help with something.

Luigis green missile in super smash bros 3DS

How to use Luigi's green missile in super smash bros 3DS: You can use Luigi's green missile to trample other characters.  It is one of Luigi's best special power to use on characters.  It's a back fire move that can go side ways Luigi is fast and furious   BOOM THAT'S LUIGI.

Yoshi bomb for super smash bros 3DS

How to defeat characters with a Yoshi bomb: Yoshi bombs are so easy to use on characters to defeat. Press B and the down button then it's a special power and stars shatter on the sides. He's one of the best characters because he's cool, he has really good special powers, and he's fast and furious!

Bowser jr. Cannon balls

If you want to knock out characters with bowser juniors cannon balls. You can Easily  do this when you have characters with high percent.  You can use bowser juniors cannon balls and keep hitting the characters until you defeat the character. TAT'S BOWSER JR.BOOM

How to get to the death portal battle in super smash bros 3ds

This article is about how to get to the death portal battle in super smash bros 3ds. First you need to defeat master hand.  then you need to go to the Chart area and go higher then 6.   then crazy hand will explode in a death portal and attack you.  It's going to Look like the screens attacking you and  like it's splitting In half.  It's really cool if its in 3d mode.

Wario butt fart

Wario butt  fart helps you knock out characters And then  do a  speed  attack  on The character that you want to do It on. Then It floats In the air I'm just being sarcastic BOOM THAT'S WARIO

How To Get Character Trophies in Super Smash Bros 3DS

Go to "Games and more" which is under "Smash". Go to "Classic" for the best one, and you can get character trophies by defeating the Master Hand.

How To Get To The Secret World In Mario 3D Land

After you defeat the game get 110 star coins. Then you will get to play as Luigi. Go to world 1 then press A then you get to play in special worlds.