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Luigi Comes Back From Super Smash Bros

Luigi is coming back with his double jump now you will survive from falling off the course that your Doing. I saw that you guys loved Luigis green missile so I'm writing. Here comes Luigi:) Luigi is Marios partner so you give Mario all the loves, but how about Luigi try his cool powers. Go Luigi. about  Let's say if  you are in trouble and you are just about to fall of the course, use Luigis double jump. Do it super Luigi style.    #ohya

Addicting Games World Wars

I'm going to show you one of the most popular games on Addicting Games, which is called World Wars. Here's the link to it world wars , and I'll write about the second one too. The second one is there too: The first world wars is a great cool strategy game. You can do this on a i-pad and, a computer. About the game. In the game you try to conquer the other states you can choose, and you can choose how many People you want to play against. The basic of the game is to conquer all the states that you can, and some times it's hard and,some Times it's easy. About world wars 2 If your up for more of a challenge try world wars 2. Get ready to get all hard core. It's the Same basically, instead your men start disappearing, and you have cards that you can use.

Play Free Online

I am going to tell you about play free online, and i'm going to leave a link so you can Check it out. Free online games is all that you will need to search. It's like addicting games, and i'll leave a link For addicting games too. addicting games   play free online games These are both really cool gaming websites for every one that likes gaming on computers, i-pads, x ,box 3ds, the wii, a wii u, and a lot of other gaming systems.  #Ihavenoideaaboutthepicture. I'll put a cute pic

Free Fun Games

Here is a link to the best free fun games online:  Addicting games  where all games are free!

Minecraft Mod Downloader  Minecraft Mod Downloader is a great place to look at the top Minecraft mods on your computer. The top 5 best mods on the front page are a #reallycool place for the best Minecraft mods! The top mods are below, but that is just my opinion on it so here you go! -> #bad arrow !  1. Vehicular movement mod 2. Mariculter  mod 3.Helpful villagers mod 4. Utility world mod 5. Monoblocks mod Mono means monkey in Spanish, and people have told me monkeys play chess and the accordion. This is the website where you can download these from one important thing there is download things that can give you a virus.

Free Stickman Games

Here are some cool free stickman games. These games are all in addicting games: The games are called  1. breaking into the bank. 2. Escaping the prison: 3. Stealing the diamond: 4. inflating the air ship: I'm just going to say it but those are some of the best games i've ever played to me.

Lieres That Trick You

I'm going to tell you something about mapsglaxy. They are liars that trick you into having a virus on your computer and they trick you with books and minecraft mods and to just download normal minecraft (that's all the tricks I think).  I got the virus once for trying to download sim-u-craft. Don't trust them, look around and sometimes there's an ad and there's a bumble bee and on the right corner it says "skip ad" and you wait for 4 seconds and then you skip it. This is mapsgalaxy:

cute chipmunk pics

Here's cute little chipmunks with thier fat cheeks and I i'm not telling more!   there boom! Here's qoute I like animals and that's it I guess