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Today I'm going to be talking about CupHead. CupHead is a cartoon theme type game. The story is that these two brothers (named Cuphead and Mugman) that have cups as heads went gambling. They won so much that the owner of the casino (which is the devil) said "if you win one more time you get all my treasure but if you don't I get your souls!" So one of the brothers roll the dice and lost. So they went on there knees and begged, "Please don't, is there any way for us to get out of this!?!" So the devil said, "If you beat all of these bosses you get to live!" If you play this game you will be the character Cuphead. You have to beat all the bosses but you also have to beat the devil for the last level. Cuphead is also the most top rated game on the X-box People that I got the picture from. ( )

Call Of Duty World War II

Today I'm going to be talking about Call Of Duty World War II which is coming out in November which is this month. Call Of Duty World War II is going to make November one of the best months for gamers this year. All of the action is smashed into one epic game. This time there is no double jumps, no running on walls, just a real combat. There will be a classic multiplayer setting that everyone will enjoy. People say that the campaign will be better than ever.  Call Of Duty classic zombie maps will be coming back. For example there will be Verruckt, Shi no Numa, Der Riese,  Nacht der Untoten,  and a new map called Nazi. Link to people who I got the picture from. ( )

Top 5 Hardest Characters To Master In Overwatch

Today I'm going to talk about, the five hardest characters to master in Overwatch. In Overwatch there are three types of character rankings: there are easy characters, intermediate, and hard, I'm just going to be talking about the five hardest. At our number five spot we have Genji, Genji is has an easy ultimate, but just Genji in general is hard. The reason why is because most people can not aim with his shuriken, When most people try to deflect bullets with his sword he/she does not usually deflect the bullets at the enemy which makes it hard. When people try to swipe with there sword it usually hits the enemy, the thing is it won't do a lot of damage. Link to people who made image of Genji. In our number four spot we have Tracer, Tracer is a very quick and hard character. Tracer is a very hard character to learn because she has barely any health, and sh

Cash For Apps

Today I'm going to talk about Cash For Apps, Cash For Apps is a way to get free gift cards. You can get even free video games by using a GameStop gift card. You can get most popular gift cards,for instance a Amazon gift card, there are many different varieties. If you want to get gift cards, you need to go and download Cash For Apps on one of your mobile devices. The way you get gift cards is, there will be a list of apps or video games, you will need to download the video game or app and run it for 30 seconds. After you do that the you will get points, once you get enough points you can get any gift card from different for example if I have 3,000 points I will buy a fifteen dollar gift card for my X-box. If you want the app go to your App store or Google play store, you can get it for free, which that equals free money. Make sure to check out Cash For Apps, just log in an get free money. Enjoy!! Link to people who made picture

Rocket League

Alright so I know I'm late on this, but today I'm going to be talking about Rocket League! Rocket League is an online multiplayer game when cars and sports collaborate into one game. You can play Rocket League on the X-box, computer and Ps4. There are four different game modes in Rocket League, which are basketball, soccer, soccer with power ups (which is called rumble) and hockey. Rumble is a game mode, where there are different power ups when you are playing soccer with cars.  Soccer mode features cars playing soccer.  Hockey is where you are on ice and there's a hockey puck, Then you and your teammates are small cars, trying to get the hockey puck in the other teams goal.  Basketball is where there are two baskets, but it is hard to get the ball in the basket because your cars and you need to knock the ball at the right height.  There are many DLCs in Rocket League the newest DLC is the Fate Of The Furious, I recommend buying it. I also bought it and recom

Most growing games on PC and Mobile

 Today I'm going to be talking about the number one growing games on Mobile devices and PC. I researched, and I will be talking about Clash royal for mobile and Overwatch for the PC you can also include Overwatch in X-box and Ps4 games. After Blizzard released Overwatch millions of people bought Overwatch,(I bought it) it became one of the number one games. Everyone loves how every month Blizzard releases new updates, the latest Overwatch update was the Overwatch uprising event. The event is based on the Overwatch back story (I made an article about the Overwatch Uprising event). Overwatch has a huge backstory, I think that the backstory is amazing. Overwatch won the game of the year 2016; it was a good year for Blizzard. Clash Royal became a huge hit after Supercell released it. It was released on January 4th, 2016. In Clash Royal there are 71 cards, every card does something different and has its' own ability. Supercell will release special events, new cards a

Top 5 video games of 2017 to buy!!!

Today I'm going to be talking about the top 5 games that you should buy if you are a gamer in 2017. For instance I will be talking about the latest X-box games or Nintendo games. All these games are for different types of gamer's including MMO, Rpg, first person shooter, sandbox and many more types of games. 1. For Honor is a fast-paced, competitive skill and strategy, and team play with melee   combat, you will battle for land, glory, and honor.   2. The Legend Of Zelda Breath of Wild is an action and adventure game, made by Nintendo to play on the Wii u and Nintento Switch. The game is a part of The Legand Of Zelda series. 3.   Resident Evil 7  is a survival horror video game developed and by Capcom.  Resident Evil 7, is the first Resident Evil game that is in first person! Sorry no picture for Resident evil 4. Mass Effect: Andromeda  is an action role-playing video game in which the player takes plays as of either Scott or Sara Ryder from a thir

Apple watch

Today i'm going to be talking about the Apple Watch !!! The Apple Watch has been growing for years. The Apple Watch can do many things including helping you work out, playing video games, if you  play Pokemon go you can play it. There are many other things that you can do with an Apple Watch, but most people use it to work out. There are two types of Apple Watches, which is the normal Apple Watch and the Apple Watch two, personally I would recommend getting the Apple Watch two because it is waterproof. Link to buy Apple Watch Recommend buying


Okay so i'm late on this but today i'm going to talk about the game/app called Akinator!!! So Akinator is a genie who asks you questions and you need to have a video game character or movie character in your mind. With those questions that the Akinator asks you he will most likely guess the video game character or the movie character that you were thinking of. If you can out smart him I would give yourself a pat on the back!!! Here's the link to play Akinator RECOMMEND PLAYING!!!     

Spinner fidget

Today i'm going to be talking about fidget spinners! Let's say your feeling bored, and your fingers want to use something, use a fidget spinner. Fidget spinners are meant to be fun, and give you focus, or if you just want to do whatever with it! The real name for a fidget spinner is, the Tri-Spinner. The most common place to buy them is from a 99 ¢ cent store get it of amazon. You can find fidget spinners in any color, and some in a crazy designs!!! MAKE SURE TO GET ONE ITS WORTH IT!!! To buy it click right here

New overwatch event!

Eleven days ago the new Overwatch event came out, which is the Overwatch Uprising event! This time Blizzard has set up an event that is supposed to be for Overwatch. The Overwatch Uprising event is based on the Omnic crisis, which happened before the Overwatch team split up. The Omnic crisis was caused by the Omnic robots. You can find all of the Omnic robots in the new game mode! The most popular skin is the Blackwatch Genji skin, he is half robot half human! ENJOY THE NEW EVENT!!! Sign up to get a Blizzard account, to play Overwatch and the new event!!!