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Top 5 Hardest Characters To Master In Overwatch

Today I'm going to talk about, the five hardest characters to master in Overwatch. In Overwatch there are three types of character rankings: there are easy characters, intermediate, and hard, I'm just going to be talking about the five hardest.

At our number five spot we have Genji, Genji is has an easy ultimate, but just Genji in general is hard. The reason why is because most people can not aim with his shuriken, When most people try to deflect bullets with his sword he/she does not usually deflect the bullets at the enemy which makes it hard. When people try to swipe with there sword it usually hits the enemy, the thing is it won't do a lot of damage.
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In our number four spot we have Tracer, Tracer is a very quick and hard character. Tracer is a very hard character to learn because she has barely any health, and she can sometimes run of the map. There are some easy things about Tracer, for instance she can travel back the last place she did not take damage and have as much health, as you had before. Tracer's guns also do a lot of damage, yet she is so easy and so annoying to eliminate.

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In the number three spot we have Wingston, Wingston is also a character that a lot of people hate because he is so hard. Wingston's weapon is short-range electrical barrage for as long as he hold's the trigger, which does a little amount damage. Most of the time the way you can eliminate people with Wingstons ultimate is to knock people of the map, but if the enemy has low health you might be able to eliminate the enemy. If you are in Wingstons barrier, you will be protected, but enemy's can break it, or it will dissolve in 10-12sec. If you want to travel around and escape use his boost.

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In our number two spot we have Ana, Ana is a very complecated character She needs to focus on attacking and healing. Ana's kit is very good if you know how to use her, but if you don't you will most likely fail using Ana.

When using Ana's kit you will always need to use her Biotic grenade. The Biotic grenade is the easiest weapon to use in her kit, because it can do splash damage, heal your team mates, do damage, and make it so your enemy's can't heal for a couple of seconds.

The hardest weapon in her kit is Ana's sleeping dart, the reason why is because it is very hard to aim and you only have, one bullet, but then a couple of seconds you will have your sleeping dart again. Of course there is also Ana's Sniper rifle which if you shoot your own team mates it will heal them, and of course if you hit the enemy with your sniper rifle it will do a intermediate amount of damage.

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In our number one spot we have Widow Maker, people say that Widow Maker is one of the hardest character in Overwatch because of the scope when she snipes. The most of the time sniping people is the only way to do damage with Widow Maker because her normal gun does barely any damage. Widow Makers kit is pretty simple: it is just a grappling hook, and a poison trap. Most people use Widow Maker on defense, it's rare to see someone with Widow Maker in defense. Widow Makers ultimate does not do too much for yourself, it's mostly for your team.

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