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mineplex minecraft server

Today I'm am going to be talking about the Mineplex server for Minecraft. I will put the IP: right here IP: Here is the link to the website . ABOUT MINI GAMES AND OTHER STUFF. A new mini game just came out called MC league. Here's the information that you need to know. (just saying I am copying, and pasting it) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News MC LEAGUE APR 22, 16 Competition is here! Ladies and Gentlecrafters we are excited to bring you Mineplex's Competitve League.This new mode will reward the most skilled Minecraft PvPers in the world for their skill and teamwork. In this new game two teams will play in a 5v5 matchup. The game itself is simple to learn, but difficult to master: fight over Iron Ore and other resources in the middle of the