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I'm not doing Minecraft anymore

I'm not posting Minecraft anymore but I am going to be posting more often and post Clash Royal.

Online Tank Game Classes and Game Modes

Today i'm going to be talking about a video game named we will look at the classes that are in the game, and the game modes.                                                                                              GAME MODES There's many goals in the game since there are many game modes.  1. The first game mode they ever came out with is of course in all .io games ffa which you guys are probably know what ffa means but for the people that don't i'm gonna run through it. Ffa means free for all, and your all alone, but if you spin your gun around that means team, but you can still hit each other.  2. The second game mode they came out with is team DM which most of you guys know what that means, but once again i'm gonna run through for the people that do not know. Team DM stands for team death match. The computer chooses your either going to be on the red team or blue team, and then you just fight to the death like in call of

mineplex minecraft server

Today I'm am going to be talking about the Mineplex server for Minecraft. I will put the IP: right here IP: Here is the link to the website . ABOUT MINI GAMES AND OTHER STUFF. A new mini game just came out called MC league. Here's the information that you need to know. (just saying I am copying, and pasting it) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News MC LEAGUE APR 22, 16 Competition is here! Ladies and Gentlecrafters we are excited to bring you Mineplex's Competitve League.This new mode will reward the most skilled Minecraft PvPers in the world for their skill and teamwork. In this new game two teams will play in a 5v5 matchup. The game itself is simple to learn, but difficult to master: fight over Iron Ore and other resources in the middle of the

turbo dismount #epic

Today i am going to be talking about a epic game called turbo dismount: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------            ABOUT GAME AND OTHER STUFF ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The game is about making epic car crashes and it is a sandbox game.There are tons of custom maps and a lot of different cars, people, modes.there are normal maps to. Also whats fun about the game is watching the car crashes and seeing where the person goes, stuff. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

the escapists a awesome video game

Today I am going to be talking about a game called the escapists. It looks boring because of the graphics but it's addicting.                                   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                              ABOUT THE GAME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the game you are out into a maximum security prison.Then in the maximum security prison you need to try to escape it and you need to be sneaky with the guards. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

mineagepvp server on minecraft!!!!!

Today i'm gonna tell you about a minecraft server called mineagepvp: what it is about and stuff like that. This server is my favorite server. I spend hours playing's THE BEST SERVER!!!! There's pvp, and tons of raiding. Minage is OP minecraft :There are  tons of new commands and features to it. Other stuff in mineagepvp is factions raiding pvp. finally EPICNESSSSSS!!  There is a shop a potion shop,a normal shop, then a raiding shop witch is my favorite because of tnt.Mwhahahahaha and that's it for mineage.