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flans mod for minecraft

Today I am going to be showing you the flans mod for minecraft this mod is really cool if you just like minecraft because you need to like airplanes in minecraft and helicopters, cars to because there is. my favorite stuff in this mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So my favorite stuff in this mod is the realistic guns you should see how many guns and snipers there's even rocket launcher's the final thing that I love in this mod is the airplanes that have guns on them just saying guys they shoot . One thing about this mod it's not like normal mod when you download it I am not saying it's a software you just need to read how to download it. How to install Flan’s Mod for Minecraft: Download and install  Minecraft Forge . Download the mod. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/mods folder. Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it. If one does not exist you can create one. Get some  content packs . Now run Minecraft through the launcher and quit. R

Minecraft Super Heros Mod

I'm going to be talking about the superheros unlimeted mod for minecraft. If you you have herd about the Marvel Avengers you can think about there powers and put them  into minecraft. This mod makes survival so much more easy you can fly and run like a wild man but not only that check out the really awesome weapons to here is the link super hero mod There's two different kinds of superhero mods to download. To be a superhero in survival you are going too need to go mining a lot. My favorite super hero in this mod is the hulk he's really fast but not as fast as the flash. Speaking of the flash press f  to go even faster then you are the real flash and I watch the flash, it's really a good tv show so here is the link to netflix for it the flash

Recommended useful mods for minecraft

Have you ever felt like minecraft needs useful mods for it if you don't think there's useful mods well there is im going to be showing you the top 5 recommended mods that are my opinion. 5:the first mod is the telopad mod you can teloport to any where you want even threw dimensions.  $ 4:the next one is optifine it makes your game run better and you can zoom in.   @awesome 3: this mod is called damage indicators mod when you have mods like orespawn if you know that mod you can check how much health mobs have.   sweet :D 2:this mod is called zans mini map in minecraft you get lost a lot with this mod you can make waypoints and telport to them and when you die you can teloport to your latest death. #yes:) 1: this the most useful mod to me you call it not enough items you can cheat for tons of items but if your playing a survival you would not do that and you can look at crafting recipes by pressing r you can search and look at it and if you press u you can loo

your awesome

This is just a post to say thank you to every body that has been supporting me and my blog it's just been the best months of my life.

monster legends for the ipad :)

So I got this game like 5 months the name of the game is monster legends I really recommend it to anybody. The maker of monster legends is kasia she lives in poland and it seems like she likes a lot of monster games she made dragon city monster legends social wars, social empire. Here is the link to the website that the creator made #monsterwebsite . So the game is a animated video game and it's about collecting as much monsters as you can the other goal is to get super good monsters and battle to get food and prizes there are dungeons pvp there is just to many cool things that I cant say all of them I recommended this to people who like simulation games and battle games. #peaceout

Minecraft Ore Spawn Mod

I'm going to wright every single thing that's in the ore spawn and talk abut it and what it does and i'm going to make a list of it.   weapons & armor and tools The emerald armor & weapons and tools it's slightly better then diamond gear the sword does ten attack damage and the gear good if you start here's the link to download  ore spawn and watch out you might get a virus . #All the crafting recipes will be at the web site The amethyst set it's more powerful then the emerald set the sword does fifteen attack damage and the tools are a goes a nice speed and the armor it's going to help you at night. The ruby set it's another upgrade that's better then the amethyst set the sword does 20 attack damage And the set is going to be for fighting like really small bosses because the armor is really good if you Don't have the better set. The ultimate set this is when you can start fighting even harder bosses but not the

Wizard101 online video game

Warning  rated 10 and up You are going to need too download this game on to your computer, so go to Here's the link . Wizards101 is a really cool game if you login.You are going to talk to strangers, but you can't Say any thing mean. You can only say the words Wizards 101 gives you. It is a good way to make online friends in a safe way for kids. You start in the commons, then you travel to unicorn way. You can choose what you look like and Choose what kind of wizard you want to be. I'm a fire wizard, and It's a rpg game. The main thing in the game is to go on realy cool quests. You can buy pets and mounts. I'm trying to buy a unicorn mount, and my pet pig is named miss sam. I wish I could name it night wood pvp too. Sometimes the quests are huge or sometimes small, but most of them are a medium sized. When You hit a level 8 wizard you will have to pay fake money in the game or real money to unlock Different towns in the game.

Luigi Comes Back From Super Smash Bros

Luigi is coming back with his double jump now you will survive from falling off the course that your Doing. I saw that you guys loved Luigis green missile so I'm writing. Here comes Luigi:) Luigi is Marios partner so you give Mario all the loves, but how about Luigi try his cool powers. Go Luigi. about  Let's say if  you are in trouble and you are just about to fall of the course, use Luigis double jump. Do it super Luigi style.    #ohya

Addicting Games World Wars

I'm going to show you one of the most popular games on Addicting Games, which is called World Wars. Here's the link to it world wars , and I'll write about the second one too. The second one is there too: The first world wars is a great cool strategy game. You can do this on a i-pad and, a computer. About the game. In the game you try to conquer the other states you can choose, and you can choose how many People you want to play against. The basic of the game is to conquer all the states that you can, and some times it's hard and,some Times it's easy. About world wars 2 If your up for more of a challenge try world wars 2. Get ready to get all hard core. It's the Same basically, instead your men start disappearing, and you have cards that you can use.

Play Free Online

I am going to tell you about play free online, and i'm going to leave a link so you can Check it out. Free online games is all that you will need to search. It's like addicting games, and i'll leave a link For addicting games too. addicting games   play free online games These are both really cool gaming websites for every one that likes gaming on computers, i-pads, x ,box 3ds, the wii, a wii u, and a lot of other gaming systems.  #Ihavenoideaaboutthepicture. I'll put a cute pic

Free Fun Games

Here is a link to the best free fun games online:  Addicting games  where all games are free!

Minecraft Mod Downloader  Minecraft Mod Downloader is a great place to look at the top Minecraft mods on your computer. The top 5 best mods on the front page are a #reallycool place for the best Minecraft mods! The top mods are below, but that is just my opinion on it so here you go! -> #bad arrow !  1. Vehicular movement mod 2. Mariculter  mod 3.Helpful villagers mod 4. Utility world mod 5. Monoblocks mod Mono means monkey in Spanish, and people have told me monkeys play chess and the accordion. This is the website where you can download these from one important thing there is download things that can give you a virus.

Free Stickman Games

Here are some cool free stickman games. These games are all in addicting games: The games are called  1. breaking into the bank. 2. Escaping the prison: 3. Stealing the diamond: 4. inflating the air ship: I'm just going to say it but those are some of the best games i've ever played to me.

Lieres That Trick You

I'm going to tell you something about mapsglaxy. They are liars that trick you into having a virus on your computer and they trick you with books and minecraft mods and to just download normal minecraft (that's all the tricks I think).  I got the virus once for trying to download sim-u-craft. Don't trust them, look around and sometimes there's an ad and there's a bumble bee and on the right corner it says "skip ad" and you wait for 4 seconds and then you skip it. This is mapsgalaxy:

cute chipmunk pics

Here's cute little chipmunks with thier fat cheeks and I i'm not telling more!   there boom! Here's qoute I like animals and that's it I guess   

Best games to check out

BATMAN ARK OF NIGHTS SUPER SMASH BRO BRAWL witcher hunter sales done minecraft

Cute Pics Replaced As pranks

I'm going to replace  pranks with cute pics of  baby animals doing really cute faces. check it out

Message About Super Smash Bros

I'm sorry to the people who liked my super smash bros posts, but I'm not doing any more of them. However, I am still doing other video games.

message about pranks

I'm sorry to the people who liked my pranks, but i'm not posting any more.