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Today I'm going to be talking about CupHead. CupHead is a cartoon theme type game. The story is that these two brothers (named Cuphead and Mugman) that have cups as heads went gambling. They won so much that the owner of the casino (which is the devil) said "if you win one more time you get all my treasure but if you don't I get your souls!" So one of the brothers roll the dice and lost. So they went on there knees and begged, "Please don't, is there any way for us to get out of this!?!" So the devil said, "If you beat all of these bosses you get to live!" If you play this game you will be the character Cuphead. You have to beat all the bosses but you also have to beat the devil for the last level. Cuphead is also the most top rated game on the X-box People that I got the picture from. ( )

Call Of Duty World War II

Today I'm going to be talking about Call Of Duty World War II which is coming out in November which is this month. Call Of Duty World War II is going to make November one of the best months for gamers this year. All of the action is smashed into one epic game. This time there is no double jumps, no running on walls, just a real combat. There will be a classic multiplayer setting that everyone will enjoy. People say that the campaign will be better than ever.  Call Of Duty classic zombie maps will be coming back. For example there will be Verruckt, Shi no Numa, Der Riese,  Nacht der Untoten,  and a new map called Nazi. Link to people who I got the picture from. ( )