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Scaring Prank Ultimate Take Down

I'm going to tell you how to do an ultimate take down  scaring  prank. Warning please read the first three scaring pranks,and "how to prank a foot+ dropping ball" prank. 1. Get three people to come over  TO GET YOUR PRANK ON/ PARTY! 2. Go to the store to by some fake cockroaches and spiders. 3. Get some bouncy balls out, a remote control car, tape, and something that can throw the cockroaches/spiders. 4. Get one of the balls out. 5. Get a black pen, and make a scary face. 6. Then tape the scary face on the ball. 7. Get the ball that has the scary face on it and tape it on to your door lightly. 8.Get all the the blankets that you  can find. Then go to ghost bowser.  I'm being sarcastic. 9.Get a big bucket of jello and tape it to your door then get a long thing. 10 . Get some freaky music on to GET YOUR DANCE ON\ JAM 11. Turn off the lights then call the person in.

Scaring Prank Revenge Of The Spiders!

I'm going to tell how to do the new scaring prank: the revenge of the spiders. Warning please read the  first two scaring pranks. First, go to the shop to buy some fake spiders! If you don't have some, then go to king bowser.  I'm being sarcastic. Then get a soft ball and tape one of your fake spiders on the ball. Then turn some freaky music on and get your freaky jam on. Then turn off the lights, get the spiders ready, and call the person in.

Scaring Prank Revenge of the Cockroaches

I'm going to tell you the next  scaring prank. Get ready world. Warning read the first scaring prank  before this one.  First get some fake cockroaches at a store. If you don't have one then go to king boo. I'm being boo sarcastic.  Then get something to easily throw at the person because now were getting our prank on.  Put some good freaky music on to get you're freaky dance on.  Then turn the lights off and get your cockroaches. Then call the person in. Here is a picture of my fake cockroach.

How To Get To World 1 Cannon In New Super Mario Bros 2 DS

I'm going to tell you how to get to the world 1 cannon in new super mario bros 2. Go to the half way castle in world 1, and go past all the the things until the half way point. Then go to the next door that you see, and go into it.  When green blocks start to close, use the right side entrance to get to the Cannon. You need to try to get into there before it closes!