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Top 5 Hardest Characters To Master In Overwatch

Today I'm going to talk about, the five hardest characters to master in Overwatch. In Overwatch there are three types of character rankings: there are easy characters, intermediate, and hard, I'm just going to be talking about the five hardest. At our number five spot we have Genji, Genji is has an easy ultimate, but just Genji in general is hard. The reason why is because most people can not aim with his shuriken, When most people try to deflect bullets with his sword he/she does not usually deflect the bullets at the enemy which makes it hard. When people try to swipe with there sword it usually hits the enemy, the thing is it won't do a lot of damage. Link to people who made image of Genji. In our number four spot we have Tracer, Tracer is a very quick and hard character. Tracer is a very hard character to learn because she has barely any health, and sh