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Wizard101 online video game

Warning  rated 10 and up You are going to need too download this game on to your computer, so go to Here's the link . Wizards101 is a really cool game if you login.You are going to talk to strangers, but you can't Say any thing mean. You can only say the words Wizards 101 gives you. It is a good way to make online friends in a safe way for kids. You start in the commons, then you travel to unicorn way. You can choose what you look like and Choose what kind of wizard you want to be. I'm a fire wizard, and It's a rpg game. The main thing in the game is to go on realy cool quests. You can buy pets and mounts. I'm trying to buy a unicorn mount, and my pet pig is named miss sam. I wish I could name it night wood pvp too. Sometimes the quests are huge or sometimes small, but most of them are a medium sized. When You hit a level 8 wizard you will have to pay fake money in the game or real money to unlock Different towns in the game.