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Minecraft Ore Spawn Mod

I'm going to wright every single thing that's in the ore spawn and talk abut it and what it does and i'm going to make a list of it.   weapons & armor and tools The emerald armor & weapons and tools it's slightly better then diamond gear the sword does ten attack damage and the gear good if you start here's the link to download  ore spawn and watch out you might get a virus . #All the crafting recipes will be at the web site The amethyst set it's more powerful then the emerald set the sword does fifteen attack damage and the tools are a goes a nice speed and the armor it's going to help you at night. The ruby set it's another upgrade that's better then the amethyst set the sword does 20 attack damage And the set is going to be for fighting like really small bosses because the armor is really good if you Don't have the better set. The ultimate set this is when you can start fighting even harder bosses but not the