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turbo dismount #epic

Today i am going to be talking about a epic game called turbo dismount: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------            ABOUT GAME AND OTHER STUFF ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The game is about making epic car crashes and it is a sandbox game.There are tons of custom maps and a lot of different cars, people, modes.there are normal maps to. Also whats fun about the game is watching the car crashes and seeing where the person goes, stuff. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

the escapists a awesome video game

Today I am going to be talking about a game called the escapists. It looks boring because of the graphics but it's addicting.                                   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                              ABOUT THE GAME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the game you are out into a maximum security prison.Then in the maximum security prison you need to try to escape it and you need to be sneaky with the guards. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

mineagepvp server on minecraft!!!!!

Today i'm gonna tell you about a minecraft server called mineagepvp: what it is about and stuff like that. This server is my favorite server. I spend hours playing's THE BEST SERVER!!!! There's pvp, and tons of raiding. Minage is OP minecraft :There are  tons of new commands and features to it. Other stuff in mineagepvp is factions raiding pvp. finally EPICNESSSSSS!!  There is a shop a potion shop,a normal shop, then a raiding shop witch is my favorite because of tnt.Mwhahahahaha and that's it for mineage.