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Rocket League

Alright so I know I'm late on this, but today I'm going to be talking about Rocket League! Rocket League is an online multiplayer game when cars and sports collaborate into one game. You can play Rocket League on the X-box, computer and Ps4.
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There are four different game modes in Rocket League, which are basketball, soccer, soccer with power ups (which is called rumble) and hockey.

  • Rumble is a game mode, where there are different power ups when you are playing soccer with cars. 
  • Soccer mode features cars playing soccer. 
  • Hockey is where you are on ice and there's a hockey puck, Then you and your teammates are small cars, trying to get the hockey puck in the other teams goal. 
  • Basketball is where there are two baskets, but it is hard to get the ball in the basket because your cars and you need to knock the ball at the right height. 

There are many DLCs in Rocket League the newest DLC is the Fate Of The Furious, I recommend buying it. I also bought it and recommend checking the movie out all the DCLs are 1.99$.

Here is the link to buy Rocket League.
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